- Currently based in Hong Kong -

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Xiangxia (Yulin, China, 1997) grows up in The Netherlands. After obtaining her secondary school diploma (Bernard Lievegoed School Maastricht, 2015), she leaves for Utrecht to do her bachelor’s degree in Media and Culture (Utrecht University, 2018). In 2018 she does an internship at Hearst Magazines Netherlands as a camera-operator and video-editor and she completes the propaedeutic phase for Photographic Design (Fotovakschool Amsterdam, 2018). In July 2018 she starts her own company Xiangxia Films and works as a freelancer for Women’s Health, ELLE and Bruna Uitgevers. In January 2019, Xiangxia travels to Hong Kong for six months to be a full-time volunteer videographer at Mother's Choice (the organization from which her orphanage was founded). In December 2019, Xiangxia returns to Hong Kong to work at the Adoption Services of Mother's Choice, and to realize her documentary Facing The Afterglow - of being adopted.

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