Mother’s Love is a documentary about orphanages, foster care, and (intercountry) adoption in China in the 1990s. In the 1980s a woman went to China to visit a state orphanage. What she saw was shocking: dozens of powerless abandoned babies in terrible living conditions. Despite the challenges - economic, social, and political - she did everything she could do to save the lives of these innocent babies and give them hope. She took care of them, set up a network of foster parents and founded an orphanage in 1995, through which these children could be adopted (internationally) in a loving family. From this orphanage, I was adopted in 1998. This documentary shows how China dealt with the effects from the one-child policy, abandoned babies, state orphanages, foster care, and the impact of one single woman who made a major impact in China, and the lives of thousands of abandoned babies. 
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